leave and license agreement

LEAVE & LICENSE AGREEMENT  Things to know before you sign that document

 LEAVE & LICENSE AGREEMENT  Every day, many people leave their cities in search of food, clothes, and shelter, we know finding a shelter is a difficult task and a different experience if your family members are moving along. The first thing which comes to our mind is finding a good rental house for temporary needs. We simply hire a good broker who takes care of it, again, good thought but as an...

The New Door


SECOND QUARTER HOUSING TRENDS 2021 The booming real estate discovered a new trend last year, COVID special. The pandemic has lasted more than we thought, during this period we realized Work from Home is here to stay for a longer period of time, The pandemic has changed our perspective about how we live, where we work, how both the thing can be under one roof. Real estate is much more than just a...

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