May 2021

tips for renting out an apartment

Tips for Renting Out an Apartment in Mumbai

If you're intending to shift to Mumbai, then you should know some tips for renting and key prospects while going on the search for an apartment. Whether you intend to purchase and settle down around there or staying there for a couple of years, getting rental accommodation will be your top priority. Finding an apartment in the most suitable location and area at the best price is actually not an easy task,...

Stealing money in real estate

Renting your home? Home Rental Fraud In Light Of Mumbai’s Growing Imposters

Renting your home? How To Avoid Home Rental Fraud In Light Of Mumbai’s Growing Imposters   Real estate fraud is a growing phenomenon in India, especially in Mumbai. Whether it's about renting your flats or selling your property, hundreds of potential renters are on the lookout for people who post ads on real estate websites wanting to rent their houses. The top-picked ads that they look out...

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