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India’s Current Real Estate Market

India’s Current Real Estate Market

Real Estate market is the second-largest employment generator in the country, right after agriculture. Only 2 other major sectors best the combined impacts of the construction industry on the Indian economy. Split between housing, retail, commercial, and hospitality subsectors, Real Estate in India had seen a significant boom pre-Covid - due to the increasing need for corporate workspaces and...

Rental Property

Benefits of Owning Rental Property

There are many benefits of owning rental property. You can earn additional revenue by renting out your property. There are many ways that you can use your rental property and these include leasing it out to other tenants and you can also hold parties and rent it out to others. If you own rental property, then you have the option of cashing in on the increase in value of the property. You can also sell off...

Kanakia Zen World 4 1

What Makes Kanakia Zen World Unique?

It is often said that ‘home is where the heart is.’ With world-class amenities to cater to your needs and the promise of tranquillity in the hustle and bustle of city life, Kanakia Zen World brings to you a zentastic living experience. Whether you are looking for flats for sale in Kanjurmarg or are looking to rent in Kanjurmarg, you can end your search with Kanakia Zen World because we have...

Model Tenancy Act

COVID-19 Effects on House Rentals and Landlords.

Introduction: The Union Cabinet on 2nd June 2021 has passed the Model Tenancy Act 2021. The law seems to contain provisions that are beneficial to both tenants and landowners. As per the Model Tenancy Act 2021, there will be rental courts and authorities in every district of every state. According to experts, the new MTA is a game-changer and may provide new possibilities to expand house leasing in...

COVID-19 Effects on House Rentals and Landlords.

COVID-19 Effects on House Rentals and Landlords.

Introduction: In the middle of the pandemic, the rising cases of COVID-19 are determinedly affecting every sector of society. The second wave of the coronavirus has more fatal effects on the economy. Even though the central government and state governments are trying to decelerate and contain the spread, the partial lockdown in many states has developed consequences for people's survival.  First...

tips for renting out an apartment

Tips for Renting Out an Apartment in Mumbai

If you're intending to shift to Mumbai, then you should know some tips for renting and key prospects while going on the search for an apartment. Whether you intend to purchase and settle down around there or staying there for a couple of years, getting rental accommodation will be your top priority. Finding an apartment in the most suitable location and area at the best price is actually not an easy task,...

Stealing money in real estate

Renting your home? Home Rental Fraud In Light Of Mumbai’s Growing Imposters

Renting your home? How To Avoid Home Rental Fraud In Light Of Mumbai’s Growing Imposters   Real estate fraud is a growing phenomenon in India, especially in Mumbai. Whether it's about renting your flats or selling your property, hundreds of potential renters are on the lookout for people who post ads on real estate websites wanting to rent their houses. The top-picked ads that they look out...

The New Door


SECOND QUARTER HOUSING TRENDS 2021 The booming real estate discovered a new trend last year, COVID special. The pandemic has lasted more than we thought, during this period we realized Work from Home is here to stay for a longer period of time, The pandemic has changed our perspective about how we live, where we work, how both the thing can be under one roof. Real estate is much more than just a...

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